Alleged killing of a school girl in Abuja, Police fingered

Police Continue the Bloodshed, Shot at a Little Schoolgirl

The Islamic Movement has once again accused the Nigerian police of brutality and complicity in the death of a young school girl in Wuse area of Abuja yesterday

According to a report by the group signed by Abdullahi Muhammad Musa for the Academic Forum of the Islamic movement, obtained by SuncityNews, the the Islamic movement blamed the police for the avoidable death of an innocent Nigeria.

“Having attacked a free-zakzaky protest staged the day before yesterday, yet police assaulted it today, spraying live ammunition and even shot a minor, a junior secondary schoolgirl. The protest, which was kick-started at the flyover on the way from Banex to Wuse market, was terminated at the Zenith bank crossroad. At that point, police started shooting at protesters indiscriminately, maiming almost a score.

The Nigerian Police Force has gradually taken over the cruel baton of what the Nigerian army had started earlier in December, 2015. However, protesting against a perceived wrong from a government is a right very inalienable from every citizen of the state, let alone victims of the crimes that are so conspicuous even by a quick rub of the blind.

It is quite unfortunate that police are involved in these callous brutalities, the vicious results of Saudi-cum-America-sponsored state terrorism against a people, whose honest contributions to peaceful coexistence can never be undermined. As obvious as this is, Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers have become targets for elimination, and we cannot fold our arms, seeing our rights trampled upon.

How on earth is it sensible that tenure-designated politicians are the ones calling the shot for the security personnel of this state? They have traded in their valuable professionalism for pittance, either knowingly or inadvertently, the effect of which is killing innocent citizens without an iota of justification. Why would a police officer identified by the name of Geoffry Rafah shoot at a school pupil, in her uniform for that matter? This is uncalled-for and unbecoming of the profession.

Keeping our legs on the protest-pedal is what we merely have at our disposal. Ever since the return of Sheikh Zakzaky from the abortive medical trip to India, nobody seemed to have heard of him anymore, not even his family members. That trip that was full of threats to the life of whose main reason for seeking it was to have a better health condition.

Prior to the Kaduna High Court travel permit, 38 poisonous pieces of bullet-shrapnel were observed around Sheikh Zakzaky’s eyes, nose and even his skull through series of tests and scanning carried out by qualified medical personnel, and the trip was granted. But, a directive from Buhari made DSS to sabotage everything in collaboration with NIA, then the cruelty continues to loom larger and larger.

Our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky together with his wife should be released from the cruel detention they have been put into, and still are.

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