In 40 months – May 2015 to August 2018 – Ikpeazu’s government received as part of FAAC allocation the total net sum of N13,235.021 billion being Abia State’s share of the 13% derivation for oil producing states.

One of the oversight functions of the Abia State Oil Producing Development Commission (ASOPADEC) under the enabling Law N0 9 that established it is: To receive and administer exclusively 30 percent of the 13 percent oil derivation fund accruing to the state for the purposes of rehabilitation and development of oil producing areas and communities in the state including manpower and carrying out other developmental projects as may be determined by the commission from time to time.

In other words, ASOPADEC is mandatory to receive 30 per cent from the 13 per cent accrued to Abia State government from the monthly remittance from the Federal Government. Going by this, ASOPADEC ought to have received the total sum of N3,970.5063 billion during the period under review.

According to Mr Karthik Marripoodi, the Cofounder – Happho | Engineer, Entrepreneur & Tech, a two-lane flexible pavement of 7 metres (22.9659 foot) wide with the following typical cross section excavation-500mm, subgrade-500mm, GSB-150mm, WMM-250mm, DBM-50mm & SDBC-25mm) may cost around 12,000,000 Indian Rupees ($171,720.00 or N61,819,200 million). With this estimation, ASOPADEC under Ikpeazu’s government would have completed a 50 KM two lane road in Ukwa West LGA with the sum of N3.090 billion. (India’s standard).

Also, in his analysis on January 5, 2016, the sales unit manager of Midwest’s road construction and natural paving markets, Frank Elswick, quoting the American Road and Transportation Builders Association said:
“…The realities of road building have much to do with a number of variables: location, terrain, type of construction, number of lanes, lane width, surface durability, and the number of bridges, to name a few.

“Nonetheless, here are the daunting numbers: constructing a two-lane, undivided road in a rural locale will set you back somewhere between $2 and $3 million per mile — in urban areas, that number jumps to between $3 and $5 million. In a rural area, you can essentially build a road wherever you please (local zoning and property laws abiding), but in a city, you have to avoid the surrounding firmament and infrastructure and comply with strict construction codes.”

In other words, to construct one-lane Road-America’s standard-would cost between $1 and $1.5 million (N360 to N540 million) per mile (1.60934 KM) in rural community. Ukwa West would have boasted of 10 miles or 16+ KM America’s standard road in Ikpeazu’s three-years in office if the 30 per cent from the 13 per cent was dedicated to developing it.

You could have imagined the small Dubai Ukwa West would have been if the N3,970.5083 billion accrued to ASOPADEC was wholesomely injected there. But it was probably shared among some Abia elders as “BLOOD TONIC.” Unconfirmed report has it that some of Abia elders, according to their categories were allegedly placed between N5 to N1 million per month.

Below is the breakdown of Abia State 13% derivation for 40 months:

May 2015 – N343.246 million
June 2015 – N445.439 million
July 2015- N344.776 million
Aug 2015 – N33.661 million
Sept 2015 – N258.056 million
Oct 2015 -N267.515 million
Nov 2015- N284.935 million
Dec 2015– N318.027 million
TOTAL – N2,295.655 Billion
Jan 2016 -N223.476 million
Feb 2016 – N54.321million
March 2016-N181.839million
April 2016 -N192.647million
May 2016 -N184.141million
June 2016 -N166.591million
July 2016 -N154.887million
Aug 2016 -N19.469million
Sept 2016 – N117.395million
Oct 2016 – N163.362million
Nov 2016 – Nil
Dec 2016 – N121.101million
TOTAL – N1,579.229 Billion
Jan 2017 – N236.312million
Feb 2017 – N317.001million
March 2017-N249.039million
April 2017 -N285.468million
May 2017 – N247.767million
Jun 2017 – N315.904million
July 2017 -N414.377million
Aug 2017 -N401.251million
Sept 2017 – N313.472million
Oct 2017 – N433.694million
Nov 2017 – N563.763million
Dec 2017 – N608.891million
TOTAL – N4,101.471 Billion
Jan 2018 – N714.672million
Feb 2018 – N747.592million
March 2018 – N598.395million
April 2018 – N674.720million
May 2018 – N698.882million
June 2018 – N475.173million
July 2018 – N610.734million
Aug 2018 – N738.498million
TOTAL – N5,258.666 Billion
Happy new year in advance. Join me January by God’s grace for more thought provoking revelations.

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