Nigerians have commended the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Shielk Ibrahim El-Zakzaky for his generous gesture towards them during the current hardship brought about by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

According to them the incarcerated leader of the Shitte group came to their rescue during the lockdown and in his unflinching support helped cushion the effect of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent hunger in the communities caused by the lockdown. Shielk El-Zakzaky has continued the distribution of his Covid-19 palliatives to Nigerians across religion and ethnic groups.

Recall that the Islamic leader has been under custody of the Nigerian state for over 4 years now but still have carried out these mass distribution of food items where over 5000 homes has been touched

Speaking to Suncity News, Abdullahi Muhammad Musa, for the Academic Forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, said “the Sheikh has ordered the distribution of 3000 pieces of food items to each state of the federation and Many states of the federation have received theirs including the FCT and he is committed to making sure that families are comfortable amid the crisis that is ravaging the country and the world at large.”

El-Zakzaky has provided his followers and other Nigerians With food and Physical Protection Equipment PPE’s like sanitizers , face masks and others, all in an effort to cushion the effect of the lockdown and help to protect families from contracting the virus.

Among the beneficiaries is Pastor Methuselah Ndoma, an evangelist who received 10 bags of rice and condiments which he also distributed among the people, thanked the group and their leader for their effort.

Maman Kyauta, a widow and mother of 5 children who was touched by the benevolence gesture of the Islamic leader, shed tears as she received the palliatives and prays for the Sheikh Allah’s protection and guidance against his enemies.

Zicko a Christian brother and indigene of FCT in appreciation of the gesture also prayed for the Sheikh quick recovery and call for his unconditional release from the authority, he says enemies of Sheikh Zakzaky are enemies of peace and Nigeria in general

Speaking also some other beneficiaries said, “We must appreciate this kindhearted leader, who has shown us support despite the hard times and being incarcerated by the Nigerian state, he is still making sacrifices for other people.”

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