Free Zakzaky protest, Police continued their Cruelties in Abuja -IMN

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), also known as Shit’tes has again accused the Nigeria Police of brutality and teargassing their members during a peaceful protest in Abuja today.

According to a press release obtained by SuncityNews, signed by Abdullahi Muhammad Musa, for the Academic Forum of the Islamic movement, the group frowned at the way and manner the Nigeria security agency has continued to treat their members in what supposed to be a peaceful protest in which they’re demanding for the release of their spiritual leader.

Eyewitness account said, the protest kick-started at Sky memorial, and terminated at the Berger Bridge. Soon after Total Filling Station, police started teargassing as well as shooting in an indiscriminate manner.

Protesting against a perceived outrage from a government is a right inalienable from every citizen of the state, let alone innocent victims of they crimes that are so conspicuous even by a quick rub of the blind, and we cannot fold our arms, seeing our rights being trampled upon.

Unfortunately, the police are involved in the wanton bloodshed, the vicious results of Saudi-cum-America-sponsored state terrorism against a people whose honest contributions to peaceful coexistence can never be undermined. It is obvious that, Sheikh Zakzaky have become a targets for elimination, they started from his house, it failed, they kept him in DSS Custody for four years without medication, it failed, they transferred him to the Kaduna central prison and denied him access to basic need and medication, it failed. Now they want to use Court to complete the agenda.

Four years ago, the Nigerian army attacked the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah and, above all, Sheikh Zakzaky’s residence at Gyallesu and Dar al-Rahma at Dembo village. They massacred over a thousand people: 297 women, among whom 23 were heavily pregnant; 548 men and 193 children. Within a very short stint, 39 families were wiped out from the face of the earth. The army committed heinous crimes which included setting buildings and other properties ablaze, burning people alive, dumping their bodies in mass graves. They demolished all the fire-damaged buildings. At Dar al-Rahma, where many martyrs had been buried, after pulling down the structures, they exhumed some of the graves.

Prior to the Kaduna High Court travel permit, 38 poisonous pieces of bullet-shrapnel were observed around Sheikh Zakzaky’s eyes, nose and even his skull through series of tests and scanning carried out by qualified medical personnel, and the trip was granted. But, a directive from Buhari made the DSS to sabotage everything in collaboration with the NIA, and the cruelties continue to loom larger and larger.

Since their return, over five months back, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife haven’t been, and are still not, receiving the cure and care of which they are in need, and access to their doctors have been blocked. To make matters worse, instead of the government to, at least, release them to appropriate medical facilities, disturbingly the same court that confirmed the urgency of their health care has now made a ruling to transfer them to the Kaduna Central Prison on 5th December, 2019. And unfortunately all there fundamental right has been denied by the authorities in the prison. This is an extremely alarming turn of events to decide to move them into the harsh conditions of a prison from which several inmates have been moved out of, on account of their much less severe health conditions.

All we are saying is our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky together with his wife should be released immediately and unconditionally.

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