Gov. Yahaya Bello killed Ojo Enesi- Natasha

The kogi central senatorial district candidate Natasha Akpoti has accused Gov. Yahaya Bello and his commissioner for water resources for killing. According to Natasha, all effort to get security chief for rescue was not successful.

According to a report obtained by SUNCITY NEWS, Natasha narrated how Yahaya Bello allegedly kill one of her constituent.

“Last night was one of the longest nights of my life, at 11pm, guns and military wears offloaded from a bus into the Obeiba house of Deedat, the Commissioner of Water resources Kogi State. I asked some people to keep vigil.

At 1am, APC thugs started moving from house to house searching for my supporters and shooting at them. We called those we knew to run out for their lives.

From 1am to 3:30am, I called every security chief and personnel I knew. Okehi LGA DPO and Area Commander were not picking calls. It had to take the Commission of Police from a South South State to organize a team to address the situation.

We do not know how many people were killed, but we know that young Ojo Enesi who is an ardent believer in our mission for a better Nigeria was killed by thugs groomed by Deedat and Abdulkareem Ohiare (Sole Administrator Okehi LGA) under the instructions of Gov. Yahaya Bello 0906 665 5565 and 0818 967 9462

The APC thug who pulled the trigger at Enesi is Ojo Inna Sekenchi 08078376061.

Yahaya Bello, last night was one of the longest nights of my life… I promise it will be the shortest you have ever had.

Enesi’s blood will NEVER bleed free.

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