FG planning stealth mass killing of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers -IMN

Leadership of the The Islamic Movement of Nigeria , IMN has accused the Federal Government of planning to carry out a secret mass killing of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers during the forthcoming Arbaeen Symbolic Trek which will take place on Saturday 19 October, 2019 in Abuja and other parts of the country.

According to a statement from the group signed by their spokesman, Abdullahi Muhammad Musa, for the Academic Forum of the Islamic movement, the accusation is based on a piece of information they received from a reliable source.

“According to a piece of information that has reached us, Buhari-led government had held a meeting with selected traditional rulers and Wahabi/Salafi clerics, planning another mass killing of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers during the forthcoming Arbaeen Symbolic Trek which will take place on Saturday 19 October, 2019 in Abuja and other parts of the country”.

At the gathering, officials lamented on the emirs’ and clerics’ refusal to back the government in the previous Ashura attacks launched by the Police. Thus, the government officials cautioned the participants that in the impending mass killing, any emir or cleric, who shows reluctance towards its Saudi-sponsored massacre, will be deposed.

The government has proposed two plans to achieve its target. First, to kill anybody who participates in the Trek. In the same vein, emirs will mobilize hoodlums to destroy and set ablaze houses, schools, businesses, centres and other belongings of the followers of Sheikh Zakzaky.

In order to justify the proposed killings, security agents have concluded a plan to mobilize convicted criminals and deploy them to the scene of the Trek. The criminals’ assignment is to create an avenue for violence.

Second, to target congregations should Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers decide to conduct Arbaeen programme in schools and centres, and security agents will attack the gatherings and massacre participants across the country.

For the daily free-Zakzaky protest being conducted in Abuja, a reliable source has revealed that the Police have recruited informants and stationed four of them in each strategic location. The task assigned to them is to inform the Police of any gathering by the adherents of the Islamic movement. The Police have given them paramilitary training as well as guns to cause violence and put the blame on the protesters.

In view of the forgoing, any person who loses his life in the forthcoming Arbaeen programme, Buhari and the Inspector General of Police, Muhammed Adamu will be held responsible. Buhari should note that the December, 2015 Zaria massacre has woefully failed to stop us from practicing religion of Islam. Hence, further intimidations and massacre are bound to fail.

With respect to the Emirs’ support for the proposed massacre, the emirs are sophisticated enough to understand that Buhari, a mere tenure appointee, is a prime perpetrator of 2015 Zaria-massacre and a qualified candidate for war crimes and crimes against humanity at International Criminal Court (ICC), Hague. Thus, he is looking for a partner in crime. We therefore urged them to ignore the call for their support. Allah (SWT) is capable of protecting them from the tyranny of Buhari, but Buhari cannot save them from the wrath of Allah (SWT) should they commit any crime.

We are calling on international community, Civil Society Organizations, journalists and the general public to take relevant action on crimes and violations of human rights being committed by the Buhari-led government against Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his followers, as the Arbaeen Trek will commence just as last year’s.

Finally, we are reiterating our demand for unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah.

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