By Chris Ezenwa

Ideato North Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been mired in controversies following the plot by the Special Adviser to Governor Ihedioha on Trade and Investment, Sir Chineme Iheaku, to impose his kinsman, one Chinenye Nwabueze, on the party as its chairmanship candidate for the forthcoming local government elections scheduled to hold in December. Indications to this effect emerged in the turn of the new week after chieftains of the party in the area had held a series of meetings.

A source who spoke to us on condition of anonymity hinted that the stakeholders of the party have resolved to approach Gov Ihedioha over the issue with a collateral request to sack of Chineme Iheaku who also doubles as the apex leader of the party in the area given the unwarranted mess he has heaped on the Governor. “We are constrained to approach the Governor over this issue. What Iheaku is doing will kill our party in Ideato North. The case we have is very clear. There is no how the Apex Leader of the party will come from Osina, the SA to the Governor on Trade and Investment from Osina, the LGA PDP Chairman from a community in the same clan as Osina, and now Chineme Iheaku wants to impose his kinsman as chairmanship candidate on us, one Chinenye Nwabueze, who also comes from Osina.

This is an aberration. “It is more painful when you think of the sizes and number of communities in Ideato North. Check the results of the last elections and tell me if Osina contributed up to 2% of the total votes cast for the PDP. I can tell you that Chineme Iheaku and anyone else behind this plan truly do not wish our Governor well,” he said. Another source revealed that if nothing is done about this dastardly act of impunity that the PDP in Ideato North would collapse like a pack of cards.

According to him, “Chineme Iheaku is really not being sensitive to the peculiarities of Ideato North politics. He doesn’t even know that the PDP here is sitting on the keg of gunpowder. The structures of the other political parties are formidable here, and everyone knows this. The House of Assembly member is not from PDP. The House of Reps member is not also from our party. The Senator is not from our party. As a wise political party, we should endear ourselves to the people by ensuring that equity and fairness take a center stage in everything we do.

“The domination of every position in the PDP by Osina, which is the smallest community in Ideato North, will sweep the PDP completely away from Ideato North at subsequent polls. This is why no reasonable member of Ideato North PDP will support the imposition of Chinenye Nwabueze from Osina on us as our chairmanship candidate. “What Chineme Iheaku has done so far in concert with Jones Onyereri is to conspire and operate behind the scene. They have created an office to which they have appointed their anointed candidate, Nwabueze, as SA to the Governor on political matters in Orlu Zone.

This is a way of disguising their involvement in this very detestable plot and at the same time placing their stooge in a vantage position ahead of the polls, thereby deceiving the people that he is not a product of imposition. But their scheme has failed because the idea of an Osina man flying the flag of the party in Ideato North will be disastrous. They have sworn that with their money and the ears of the Governor which they claim to have they can impose anybody they want on us. But this will never happen,” he vowed. Meanwhile, the state leadership of the party has kept mum over the issue which has proven capable of tearing the party apart.

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