VIDEO: Nigerians call for help as Flood sacks Abuja residents

An early morning downpour left many stranded in the Lokogoma axis of the federal capital territory (FCT)  on Monday.

According to one of the residents who raise the alarm through her facebook page, Ngozi Agu:

Talking about floods in Abuja….. Area 1, Galadimawa, Lokogoma….. I understand that the guy that was carried away by the last Galadimawa flood was confirmed dead yesterday evening after his corpse was found in Chika. It is said that he looked like he struggled for his life really hard but the water pressure was just not kind enough…… As I type this, the rains are heavy….. So does that mean the roads are flooded again? People can’t go to work? And those on the way to work already, (esp in Galadimawa and Lokogoma) are trapped?

God help!!!!!!

Another eye witness who replied to Ngozi Agu’s report, McArthur Okoh wrote:

“These days, every pool of water on the road is considered a potential threat to life by most motorists. This morning, I was driving behind a few vehicles, including SUVs. There was no traffic but I noticed they all slowed down. Even the SUVs avoided the pool that had gathered, somewhere in Area 11. The vehicles in front all climbed the culvert to avoid the ‘flood’, until one small sedan spread through that pool. I joined the car, after all my tyres are 265/70. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ 

Not funny, though. We can actually do better as a people!!

The flood entered into different houses, destroying valuables. Apart from Lokogoma, Karu and  Galadimawa, still in the nation’s capital, were affected.

Here is a video:

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